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Glass Ants: a contemplation on individualism and institutionalized education

date Fall 2019

description ants cut from clear and colored glass, smoothed with a grinder, painted, soldered or glued with epoxy

proposed project 

An ant colony is a superorganism, an entity collectively working together in support of a common goal. Each ant is born into its role, performing its task until it dies. Humans are not ants. Yet, within the superorganism of public education, students become classified and sorted. Children’s futures become dictated by scores, and are often put in tracks; influenced by factors such as race and socioeconomic background. Ingenuity and creativity drive growth, yet these skills can not be developed through standardized tests. Let us embrace students as individuals and encourage educational practices that cater to a wide range of learning styles; allow children to be curious, creative, and themselves.  


My proposed project is to create 100 ants, each of unique size, shape, and color, affixed to a wall in a transition from an orderly line into randomness. The ants will be created out of a clear plexiglass, supported with armature wire, and painted with a translucent paint. In addition to the visual of a large volume of ants, each ant will be showcased individually as wall light reflects through their bodies, casting a shadow on the adjacent wall .  

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